Born from the greedy thought of a new and unexperienced blogger , encouraged by the Google Analytics statistic that shows as of today the blog has more than 600 that are categorized "audience" from overseas , the idea of an English edition of this blog will be soon put into reality .

The "greedy" newly born blogger has just seen the possibility to expand the market for his thought across the boundary . Ignoring many obstacles that will surely follow , he decided to try his luck to obtain more from this free big world for his thoughts and stories . He's made up his mind to put aside his lack of capability in English language , his lack of style and even the chance to get himself being laughed for his naivity (as even until today he still has many problems about how to direct and mange this blog, his writing style etc) . He targets more and more readers for his "meaningless" writings . He believes that somewhere , somehow and someday at least a few of the world residents will have a spare time to read the blog . He is optimistically confident what is written on this blog can get the readers known about The Rain City of Indonesia he loves so much .

So it has been decided just now , that there will soon be the first "English version" label tagged to one posting of http://bogormylovelytown.blogspot.com. This posting is the one to carry the label 

The next ones are going to be written based on the published postings with a slight "change" . The change is simply because it is very complicated to use a direct translation from Indonesian to English . There will be much nuance lost in translation if this way is used . Therefore , the English edition will only take the gist of the postings and then it will be made into another story which for Indonesian readers will find it quite different from the original . 

It may take sometime for the greedy new blogger to prepare (and think.. of course) his first writing in English . So , he humbly requests the audience to bear him a bit more time and patience. 

However somehow he would like to (again) greet friends from overseas and also the Indonesian readers to come and enjoy this blog by saying "WILUJENG SUMPING (WELCOME) GUYS" . Enjoy and experience the JOURNEY TO THE RAIN CITY OF MINE

with warmest regards for all of you

Note : there are surely many mistakes gramatically or the vocabulary . The greedy blogger is desperately expecting some help from all of you in form of suggestion , critics , or English grammar / vocabulary lessons . The comment box is open and ready to be used for this purpose. H ewill be grateful and thankful for any kinds of supports

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