the (Summer) Vacation city

Apologize for my negativity in the introduction of the city ! It was just to show my desperation seeing how this lovely city of mine has changed so much . 

In fact Bogor , for me is still a lovely city , either to live in (for sure , that's why I write the blog) and or to visit . Perhaps , it was the reason why Dutch high officers in the Colonialism era called this city as Buitenzorg or quite place . You can imagine that the Dutch Governor General was overwhelmed by the landscape and the situation of Bogor (you can also expand further your imagination about the concubines they had in Bogor ..LOL) .

Nowadays many places and building shows the remains of the past era . The style of some building showed the influence of the architecture of European society in the era . There was Dutch style of building considering Daendels liked to stay in Bogor but the Great Britain's famous Sir Stamford Raflles also must also be given a credit for his influence in some other parts of Bogor .

One of the fingerprint of the past Bogor , besides its quietness is the Canarium Nut Tree . Everywhere those trees could be found standing proudly on the right or left of the streets . Many of them have been cut due to their age but still many others remains standing like umbrellas blocking the sunshine for the people .

Many buildings in Bogor have been left as it was and just painted or renovated a bit to strengthen the structure . They can be seen in various streets such as Juanda Street , Pajajaran Street , Otto Iskandardinata Street and many others . However they are now accompanied by many modern building developed to fulfil the requirements of modern Bogor's life . Both make a combination of old and new Bogor .

Sometimes , Bogor is still visited by fog considering its location in the slope of Mount Salak although recently the frequency is getting less and less . However we can imagine how cold it was and found the reasons my many Dutch and Great Britain Governors General in the past liked to visit Bogor and ordained this city as the Summer Vacation City . How enjoyful and peaceful the situation of the past Bogor was that caused them to give the name as a quite place . 

Bogor has changed a lot . Now it is under the transformation to be a modern city but since the full transformation has not completed yet , not all of the past things have diminished yet . Many of them are still there for the citizen of Bogor to experience , to let them remember that one day in the past , this city was once a SUMMER VACATION CITY for many important persons . It is now changing .. unfortunately . It will still be a vacation city indeed but it's not a vacation to enjoy quietness and the coldness of the fog . It will just be a different type of vacation like shopping  , so lets keep a vacation city but.. without summer .

Anyhow , deep in my hearty it will always be lovely  .. it will always be ..

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