The Beauties on the pond

Isn't it beautiful? I really like the picture taken this morning. It is not a result of photoshop editing nor a camera diaphragm adjustment. It is an original picture taken this morning using my Xperia M camera while I walked in the Bogor Botanical Gardens. I was helped by the position of the sun only (and also my luck) and of course the beauty of Pink Nymphaea Alba or Water Lilies or Lotus.

htt://bogormylovelytown.blogspot.comActually, there was a bee hovering around the flower. The bee must be a polite one as it left the flower immediately. Perhaps, he/she thought it wasn't polite and was selfish enjoying the Pinky for himself/herself and prefer to share the beauty with me. Sigh....he or she didn't know how good the picture would be if he or she (I don't know if the bee is male or female and I forgot to ask) were still there buzzing over the flower when I pushed the button. Anyway even without him (or her), the captured image was still enjoyable.

Nymphaea Alba is an aquatic flowering plant from European continent. It can be found in various countries around Europe such as Sweden, Hungary , Romania and several others. Although it came from 4 seasons continent but it lives well in the Bogor Palace's backyard pond. The plant lives happily in the pond side by side with its sister (or brother.. if someone knows the gender for plant , please do let me know) Victoria Amazonica or the Giant Water Lily/Lotus which came from Amazon river.

Hundreds of both types filled the surface of the pond providing a beautiful view for anyone. This view becomes a trademark of Bogor Botanical Garden. Unfortunately , this morning there was no blossoming flower of the Giant Lotus but still the image of both plants were overwhelming. Furthermore , the appearance of the Palace in the scenery added more glorious feeling to the viewers.

The Bogor Botanical Gardens have at least two varieties of Water Lilies among their collection, the first one is the Pink one and the other is the White one. The white one is located in another pond on the other side of the Gardens. In the pond, both make the pond colorful and enjoyful, especially on surrounding area, there are also many other types of flowering plants.

Those two beauties on the ponds are just a few from so many attractive things I found in the Gardens during my walk. I met lots more and it was no wonder considering this Garden consisting of more than 15,000 species of plants and trees. I will share it later on the next post.

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  1. Terima kasih om Fandhy... memang cantik-cantik... silakan main ke Bogor kang..

  2. Lovely! I especially love the fact that water lilies can emerge pure and clean from muddy waters. :) This makes me think of writing about them on my blog too.

  3. Write it superlux...I cant wait to read yours. Let me know once you finish it