Need a gadget ? (Jambu Dua Plaza)

Do you want to change your smartphone with a new one ? Or your notebook is damaged while you're in Bogor and your boss is pushing you for e-mailing him the proposal of a new project ? Don't worry mates , it is easy . Just take a city transportation a.k.a angkot no Red 7 and go to Jambu Dua Plaza . Either repairing your notebook or changing your smartphone, you can find the solution there.
Jambu Dua Plaza is located in Warung Jambu district . It's well known as one of the computer / mobile communication centres in Bogor . The plaza is aminiature of the famous Mangga Dua in Jakarta . The 3 floors of the plaza are occupied with stores and counters of smartphone and computer merchants . 

The merchants here are well updated with the trend of the modern technology of gadgets and computers . They can offer you the newest type of smartphone circulated in Indonesia . Samsung , Sony , Lenovo , Asus and other brands in the computing technology can be obtained here . They also provide many different types of spare parts and repair services for their customers . Usually each store has  a connection with a bigger distributor in Jakarta and it is the reason that their stocks are always updated with the newest trend . The only brand that is still quite difficult to find here is the one released by Macintosh , Apple and iPhone but for the others , just name it and they will show it to you .

Many computing stores may also be asked to assembly a computer based on your specification . If you need higher performance computer for graphic designing with high level performance mainboard or VGA card or bigger RAM , it can be assembled within 2-3 hours based on what you want. Many others offer second hand computers or smartphones . Some others can help you in establishing a computer network for your office or home . Many also act as service centres for damaged ones . 

The similar cost of service or price of the merchandise to Jakarta's price has encouraged Bogor citizen to change their habit to buy a new gadget in Mangga Dua Jakarta . Now most of people in Bogor prefer to go here when they need technology items than having to travel to Jakarta .

The presence of this computer/gadget centre in Bogor has made the spread of information technology gaining more pace . This centre has brought technology closer to the daily life of the citizens . You may find it difficult to find people without gadget on their hand in Bogor . Even , many have given their toddlers or kids a tab or a smartphone for them to play with . 

So we can say that Jambu Dua Plaza has played quite a big part to support the development of this city , especially in the term of communication and computing technology (of course economically as the centre absorbs many workers and eventually increase the tax revenue for Bogor Government) . However at the same time , we can also say they play some parts of changing the society and culture in this town .

So , are you bored with your gadget and want a change while you are in Bogor ? Now you know where to go .

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