From Tajur (Bogor) with..."BAGS"

Tajur is the name of a village in Eastern Bogor district . This village name now is always associated with bags because there are many stores in Tajur sell locally made bags , purses , pouches , satchels , belts . Most of the producst sold here are coming from a factory that also locates in the neighbour area , Katulampa . Domestic tourists from Jakarta almost every weekend chokes up the roads in Tajur to buy these type of merchandises . The bags are known as Tas Tajur or the Bags from Tajur .

However this will not be about the stores in Tajur , what is showed on the picture was actually a branch store of original Tas Tajur . Due to its fame and the vaster surrounding land , now the branch has grown to become more to a recreational complex than only a bag store . 

Now the complex has four sections that covers what tourists may need during their visit . The sections are


    The store is still the main attraction for tourists . It provides various types of bags , mostly for ladies such as handbags , purse and some others but it also sells backpacks and other men's items . Most of these stuffs are made in the Tajur Factory but they also have bags made in China . The prices vary for each item depending on the style and also quality . The store's collections are huge in terms of designs types and quantity . The designs of the merchandise follows the trend in Indonesia .

     The 2nd floor of the bag store is allocated for a fatory outlet selling shirts , blouses , pants .


   The complex also provides various playing ground for kids (and also adults if they want) . It has several ponds for KOI , Turtles , and a fish from Amazon , Arapaima type beside the Flying Fox , ATV or Paint Balls . Kids can buy feed the fishes (they can buy the food fish from counters available near the ponds)


  In this section , we can find many types of food but mainly traditional foods of Sundanese people such as Laksa (I will write about this separately soon) , Tahu Sumedang , Batagor . We can taste a bit a past era of Bogor here before the new and modern junk food topple out the traditional food from the mind of Bogor people .

d) the Convention Hall (SKI Ballroom)

    This is the newest entry in the complex . Provided to people that needs a place for either a seminar , meeting facility or wedding reception .

The complex has benefited from many trees surrounding the area . The views are green and the air is cool and fresh , especially in the morning time . Besides nearby this complex , there are smaller stores selling the same items .

This is one of the favorite place to visit by domestic tourists , not only from Jakarta but also from other provinces . This is due many national TVs has broadcasted this place as one of the tourism area worth to visit in Indonesia .

So , whenever you come to Bogor , please do not forget to make a visit to SKI TAS TAJUR . Bring some bags back for your friends , mother , girlfriend(s) as a sourvenir and as a an evidence that you have visited my lovely town , Bogor .

Note : all pictures were taken recently (Oct 04th 2014) by Xperia M Camera owned by the writer

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