The Kings of the Roads , Too....

The road should be two ways !!

Can you imagine swarms of locusts attacking the corn field ? If you can than you will have no difficulties to read this post .

Let me start with the introduction of The Other Kings of Bogor's Roads . Please take a look at the picture on the right . The road was actually a two ways but it became a one way because the Kings has filled every inch of it . There was no space for a vehicle from the opposite direction to go through .

Now , please take further your imagine in 2014 , there are almost 300,000 motorbikes registered in Bogor Municipalities , only . The figure doesn't not include Bogor Regency numbers that is more or less similar . Meantime the roads length in Bogor , in total are only 750 KM . To simplify the numbers , we can imagine that if we walk , then it's big possibiliy to meet a motorcycle every 2.5 M (if only the municipalies included) . This is showing how crowd the roads and streets in Bogor .

Honestly , it is good to know that people in the city have at least economically grown . The picture besides the "ugly side" also depicts that the buying power has been getting better and better in Bogor . Unfortunately as also happens in the Big Brother City of Bogor , Jakarta , the mentality  of the people can not keep its pace with the development . This is what is blatantly shown by the pictures .

Riding without helmet , ignoring a red light , parking everywhere they like , dismissing the road markings , contra flow riding , confiscating the pavement/sidewalk from pedestrian are only few from what many Bogor riders do everyday .  Once again the law can no reach them . That's what make them the KINGS of the Road besides Angkot (see The King of the Road). Both of them have been a constant problem for other road users in Bogor . The motor riders tend also to be firce , grumpy and stern . It doesn't matter if they are right or wrong , they will always consider themselves as not guilty . The society in Bogor itself is quite permissive to this attitude . For example , in case there is an accident involving a car and a motorcycle , the driver of the car is usually considered guilty as charged, even before there is any charge . 

The Kings are also often modified by youngsters to meet the fire of the young one . The exhaust is often removed causing the motorbike to give out the loud and noisy sound . Not to mention also many rearviews are removed as it is considered un-useful (as the riders won't look back while riding his/her bike).

So finally let's imagine if the swarms of motorcycles (300,000) moving around your city with removed exhaust and no rearview , speeding , honking their horn .. Can you imagine ? 

Note : all pictures were taken by the writer himself using Xperia M camera on many places in Bogor

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