The First Review - How far have I walked in this journey

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE , I hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend .

Let me take the opportunity to say Eid Mubarak for all of you . There is no article or story about my lovely Bogor . I decided to take a break today and enjoy the full day with my family celebrating the Eidul Adha .

Besides , this is the one month anniversary for my journey in the blogging world . It is correct that the first post was published on Sept 8th but actually the blog had been started 3 days before on Sept 05th . It was the date when I started to write the 1st article which was "TUGU KUJANG" again it was not the 1st article published in this blog . Actually the "WILUJENG SUMPING EVERYONE" was the third , quite a long story (let me tell it later) but it was the 1st one published . So I think the birth of the Bogor Kotaku Blog is Sept 05th , 2014 not Sept 08th .

Taking this opportunity, I would like to share you how far I have walked in my journey (this is my journey to the blogger world) . The achievement so far is 
  1. 43 articles (44 with this) - 36 in Indonesian and 8 in English
  2. 2,757 pageviews or 91.9 pageviews/day
  3. 1,490 times the articles are viewed (don't know if they were read) or average 34.9 times/article
  4. 2 comments
Stunning ?No it is not stunning,  it's only encouraging . Starting this blog with only a little knowledge about blogging , I put no expectation . At that time I would already be grateful if someone would spare some of their time to visit the blog . So, I am happy .

However I am far away from be satisfied . There are lots of weakness from spelling , grammar , the plots , the topics , and so on . Many weak points can be seen during these 30 days . Once I felt ashamed after re-reading my own writings , even myself was sometimes disappointed with the articles I had written . A lot of things must be improved . The blogging is more difficult than I expected . 

What will be the next step ? The next step I will take is to focus on the writing skills improvement . It is the most obvious weakness . There was no style , too much details , too long and too boring . I will try to use the advice read from a successful blogger on the internet to make it shorter and more interesting .

I have made for myself a bit schedule and target to achieve during the next three months . Yes , three months from now , I will review again the achievements based on the fulfilled criterias/target . The targets are

1. 11,000 pageviews in total
2. the average view per article should be 45 
3. min 30 articles monthly will be kept

The next review will be Jan 05, 2015 .

Taking this opportunity , I would like also to thank all of you readers who has spared some of your time to visit this blog . It's nice to know that someone has come here . I would be grateful and appreciate it much if someone can openly let me know your comment about this blog .

Thank you and warmest regards to all of you


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  1. Hello Anton,blogging is hard! But you have to be patient. Be encouraged

    1. Hi Keren , thanks for the encouragement . Yes , I expected to be hard but this is quite harder than I thought ...