Aglaonema (English Version)

The STRIPTEASE , is the name of the ornamental plant as shown in the picture . It's so sexy and colorful . I once fell in love with this plant and many others of its friends .

The plant is Aglaonema , an Araceae family member. In Indonesia , it is known as Sri Rejeki but people in other Asian countries may know it as Chinese Evergreen .

It once dominated the ornamental plants world  in Indonesia with its beauty and colorful appearance .  It was a queen that was hunted by many people in Indonesia . People once were willing to pay very high even for only a pot  . In its glorous time , often , one pot consisting only 6-7 leaves Aglaonema can have the same price as a middle class car . The new release could be even higher than that ((once a pot of aglaonema with only 6-10 leaves named Harlequin was valued Rp 100 millions / US$ 10,000).  At that time only very few person can afford to make the beauty theirs , very few due to its very expensive price .

Aglaonema is usally given names of ladies . None of them have a name of men . Hot Lady , Sexy Pink , Adelia , Ken Dedes and many others are some of the names of aglaonema types. Probably  this was because of the breeders saw their beautiful appearance and associated the plant with the beauty of ladies .

Since aglaonemas mostly vegetate in areas with tropical and sub tropical climate , it can not stand for cold wheather , it will need a glass house to imitate the temperature and humidity of the tropical countries . Aglaonema is also a bit fragile and need special attention from the owner . However in many cases , in the hand of a proficient hobbyist , it can grow to the ideal and very beautiful form.
Aglaonema can not be separated from Bogor due to one fact . Most of Aglaonemas that are known today in Indonesia were born from the hand of one of Bogor's extra ordinary citizen , Mr Greg Hambali . From his hand we can see and enjoy until now such beauties .

Now , Aglaonema has abdicated from its throne as a queen in Indonesian ornamental plants world . It is now just an 'ordinary' member but the numbers of people who hunt Aglaonema now are increasing due to more affordable prices . Although it is now just an ordinary member but still the beauty of colorful aglaonema keep luring Indonesian and Bogor people to own them to beautify the terrace of their houses .

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