The Hat Park

The Hat Park is is located next to Bogor Train Station in the Centre of Bogor, not too far away from the Botanical Garden. Visitors using a train to enter Bogor to visit Botanical Garden can find this park on the left side .

Its name is actually not its formal given name i.e. Captain Muslihat Plaza . The Captain Muslihat was a name of a hero from Bgor during the independence war in Indonesia . However its nickname is more famous amongst Bogorians . The reason for being called as a hat park is because most of the buildings here were built in the forms of man types of hats . The forms of the building are a cowboy type hat upto a helmet . 

This place is not a tourism area in Bogor . It's more a combination of a park and also a small business centre . Inside the park , there are many stores from a doctor practice to a courses as well as some places to eat . However the plaza are usually used by local people or train users to take some rest before continuing their trip to their destination .

Recently some improvements have
been made by the government of Bogor by adding a pedestrian walk next to the park . Some additional decoration and rchanges the park was done to make the park to be more pedestrians friendly and more convenient. More trees and flowers pots are put into the park to give more fresh air for the visitor . A food centre is now also available inside. The visitors can also enter ADE IRMA SURYANI amusemant park from the gate inside the Hat Park

From here it is easy to take any public transportation to many direction in Bogor . Near to this parks can be found also many stores and a Bogor District Police Headqurters .

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