B O G O R - the opening

Known as the Rain City , as you surely know the reason is not as small as what usually people think . If only the Municipalities is counted , indeed it is a small one but if the Regency is included , Bogor is the 14th largest town in Indonesia . 

It was called Buitenzorg in the period of Dutch Colonialism . The meaning is "no anxiety/worry" or "peaceful" city . Sometimes Bogor people still use this word to call their town . The city ( I don't know if I should call it city or town . Actually it is not small but at the same time not big either) is given the name because more than 250 days in a year rain visit this city.

Busy , crowded , messy is Bogor nowadays . Although at some areas the remains of the past Bogor still exist but in reality Bogor has become no longer "peaceful" or "quiet". As the sattelite city of Indonesia Capital , Jakarta , Bogor is also infected by the speed and also the  life style of the metropolitan Jakarta . People walk faster , talk faster , more openly speak their mind . Bogor has become a miniatur of Jakarta . It is not surprising because many residence of Bogor can actually be said "living" in Jakarta . They spend most of their time in the capital earning for living . Furthermore , many Jakarta people decide to live in Bogor  due to living cost in Jakarta has become very expensive and this factor has made the infection of Jakarta life style getting deep and deeper to the life of people in Bogor.

Bogor , as also two other sattelite cities of Jakarta i.e. Bekasi and Tangerang is in the middle of the transformation to become a modern city . It is just a matter of time before Bogor absorbs all of its big brother city "modern" life style  . At this moment the past Bogor struggles to defend very hard but it seems the fate can not be avoided . One day , the image of quite , pleasant will be replaced by the busy and crowded city . It has been transforming but recently the pace is getting more speed .

The blog is just an insight from the eyes of a person who has been living in the Rain City for more than 36 years . It will not only show the beautiful picture of landscape , nor just a story about the history , nor about the tourism places but this blog will includes all , the struggle of Bogor and at the same time the transformation of my lovely town . Indeed , it hurts as I prefer to have the same Bogor as the one in the past . Unfortunately , it is not my choice . It will be on Bogor's hand to decide its own way . Therefore , let me present to you the story of Bogor before it's fully transformed to become the miniatur of Jakarta . We still have quite sometimes before the transformation is finished .

so , please be seated as the story is about to begin

(Note : hey I am actually struggling too with this writing . It's difficult to express your mind in English)

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