A road = a jungle

A life in a jungle is about a survival .It is hard and tough . A creature must possess an endurance , speed and strength to keep itself alive . A jungle represents also a world when there is no rule and the decision is made by the strongest and the fittest . No laws , no law s enforcers are there to be the middle man of any conflict . Indeed , it sounds cruel and very primitive for all of us .

The word describes exactly what happens on many roads in Bogor . Drivers and motorcyclist s compete each other to be the fastest . Roads becomes circuits . It doesn;t matter to achieve this goal , they must break the traffic rules/laws . No tolerance for the others , it is just about a target to arrive at the destination as soon as possible. Dismissing red light , crossing the white line at the traffic light , making a U-turn when it's prohibited are common .

How come does this happen ? It is funny to say but the same thing occur in Jakarta , the Capital of Indonesia , the big brother of Bogor that policemen/women , it seems , are not considering the laws enforcement on the road as important to discipline the road users . The sunshine is likely too hot for them . However sometimes they 'visit' roads to raid (mostly riders) , to check the licenses but it is not too often enough to build awareness among the travellers . 

All of the road users are not illiterate about the traffics signs but , a big BUT , they choose to ignore the signs . The attitude shows a primitive way of thinking not a civilized persons . For sure , they will refuse to admit but the action speaks louder , in this case at the bad side . What they do on the roads definitely imitates what a predator does in the jungle and show the primitiveness . No excuse !

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