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The story begins with this picture . The view on this picture shows a few aspects of current Bogor , busy , crowded and the struggle of the citizens and the city in daily life . The picture shows that the disease of modern city has penetrated deeply inside the people . How busy , crowded  Bogor nowadays is perfectly shown by the photo . The photo shares also the struggle faced by the city in its transformation to the modern city . The image explains the change from , summer city to an imitation of Indonesia Capital , Jakarta situation .

It was taken on Saturday , a weekend around 06.45-07.00 on one of Bogor , now , main street Soleh Iskandar street . It is really hard to imagine such kind of situation happen 15-20 years back , let alone the condition in 1978 , the 1st year I moved to Bogor . This area was used to be field full of corn and rice plants on each side of the street . Now , it becomes one of the busiest street and area 7 days a week . The same thing can also be seen in secondary and tertiary road like the 2nd picture . 

You may raise your eyebrows how in a weekend and still quite early , people has been pouring the roads , the cars and motorcyle already crawl filling almost every inches of the road . It is because there are still many offices and schools in Bogor that operate on Saturday and usually it is a "half" day only which actually cause the same situation when they return around 3.00 PM

How early do Bogor citizens wake up if they have been on the road around 6.45 AM ? The answer is very very early , not only the ones on the road but everybody who needs to earn living in Jakarta . The activity in Bogor starts right after the morning pray for Moslems (Islamic persons) around 4.30 AM . Many alreay leave their home around that time with just one mission to avoid worse traffic jam on the way to Jakarta . They prefer to do this knowing that there will be more wasted time if leaving home a bit late which can cause more tiredness . It can mean 2 hours difference to reach their offices .

The situation in the Bogor City itself continues until the offices start to open before the traffic is a bit by bit going back to normal . A normal doesn't mean quiet . It is still active and especially on the Saturday night it reaches the peak when it takes more than one hour just to drive for 3-5 Km . The chaos on the road will be added with more cars coming driven by people from Jakarta going to Bogor for "vacation" . The horn honks , riders yell , drivers scream .

This is just one small chunk of the life in Bogor and another small one will follow in the next posting .

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