B O G O R : The People

Many literatures mention that Bogor is a place where Sundanese people live . It 'was' correct . I said 'was' because I believe , the literatures need to be updated . Bogor nowadays are a place where many ethnics in Indonesia live . The current citizens consist of people coming from many different ethnics . People from Papua stretched to Sumatra , all over Indonesia are now resided in the city . Of course , the majority of the people are still Sunda ethnic but the data needs to be also modified as many of them feels more as Indonesian than Sunda .

This is in fact are related to the fact that Bogor is in very close promixity with Jakarta . Many people from Jakarta migrate to Bogor due to one or another reason . They want to avoid the expensive living cost and housing in Jakarta but would like to keep it close to the city . As a result , Bogor has become one of their favorite place to move . It's only 1-2 hours driving distance from Jakarta and offers less expensive living cost. More than that it also provides the similar type of life style to what they experience during their time in the capital .

The result is various ethnics coming to the biggest City to try their luck , since many years ago have turned their eyes to Bogor as an ideal place to live in . This affects the ratio , based on ethnics of the Bogor population . It is easy to find non-Sunda ethnic in the city claimed by the literatures as a land of Sundanese people . Javanese , Padang people , Madura tribes have mixed with Sundanese people in Bogor .

The mixture of many ethnics has changed also the culture of Bogor . It's more Indonesian than Sundanese . The communication among people is now mostly in Indonesian Language instead of Sundanese . The food taste has also changed , it has adopted a taste of Indonesian ordinary taste . The life style adopted is no longer based on the Sundanese but Indonesia , or specifically Jakarta .

Eventually it can be said that the people in Bogor are Indonesian not Sundanese. Bogor is no longe r the land for Sundanese , it is now the land for Indonesian .

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