The SOMBREROS (I call them this name) will always welcome you to visit their MEXICAN GARDEN. They will be accompanied by a sexy LADY DANCER to greet visitors that come to a park where they stand 24/7.

Unfortunately you can not expect from the SOMBREROS TRIO  beautiful melodies coming from the banjo and violin. They can not even create a note from their tools. Nor, you will see any flirtatious glance and coquettish movement from the lady dancer.

All of them are only statues. I am not sure the material used but guessed it has to contain wood because the dress of the statues are actually vines that covers the body of the statues. The vines are alive so they must get their food from organics material. Some other parts such as hands , sombreros are made from cements.

The three figures can be found in a park called as MEXICAN GARDEN or TAMAN MEKSIKO in Indonesian. No, we are not in American Continent , I haven't got any luck yet to have a chance to visit Mexico. The park is another part of Bogor Botanical Gardens. I wrote some other parts on my previous writings such as The beauties on the pond and Love in Botanical Garden. I have a bit bad habit to tell my stories in details , sometimes too detail that can make my readers get bored easily. So when I visited Bogor Botanical Garden on October 25th, 2014 , it has been decided to make a piece of story each time. If the story of Bogor Botanical Garden is made into one piece, it will be a long.. long writing that you can sleep before the end.

For your information, the correct name of Bogor Botanical Gardens with "s". Many including me usually made mistakes by spelling the name without "s" as usually we thought the Bogor Botanical Gardens as a very big garden. However actually this garden is a mother of several smaller thematic parks/gardens. One of them is the Mexican garden.

Digressed.. again I have.. Let's back to the Sombrero Trio.

The Mexican Park (let's call it park to differentiate with the mother garden...:-D) is made to accommodate specific plantation from dry continent such as Cactus, Agave, Yucca and many other types of succulent plants. I am not sure why the Park was given a name referring to a country in Central America because actually based on the literature I read, the variety of plants here are not only coming from the continent. There are also several types of the desert in Asia and South America. In total there are more less a hundred types of succulent plants in this park.. Quite huge , right? (Well actually it is only a few because in total there are 15,000 species in Bogor Botanical Gardens)

I tried to write some names of the species but silly me because I forgot to connect them with the pictures taken. Finally I can only provide you with the pictures but I can not relate them with their names. But.. never mind you still can enjoy it without the names because the park is quite unique. The environment is made to replicate a desert (in Mexico, I guess). I appreciate the idea much but the coolness of air created by the thick surrounding trees and the coolness of Bogor climate seems not hot enough . Although the designer of the Garden has created this park full of sunshine but still it's too cool to be a desert..(LOL)

No complaint about that as the Park is quite unique. It is put in the southern part of the Garden. If you enter the Garden from the southern gate, you must take the right turn to reach this park. It will be just a 100 M walk and honestly I enjoyed to be in the Park. It is beautiful and refreshing.

Yet , it will be more perfect if the SOMBREROS TRIO can sing and the LADY DANCER can dance.. or perhaps it will be frightening (statues can sing and dance..? Oh no..) but I was satisfied enough to once again visit this Park (I did it already several times)/ The most of all that makes me satisfied is that I have another story to tell to you.. to tell you another beautiful side of my city.

 Note : all pictures were taken on oct 25th by the writer using Xperia M Camera.

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