BOGOR BOTANICAL GARDENS : How much is Oxygen price ?

How much is Oxygen price in your city? I know that in Tokyo there are bars that sells Oxygen for the visitor to breathe. The price is more or less 1,800 Yen for 20 minutes or almost US$ 16. Expensive ! It is almost 8% of Bogor's minimum monthly wage for labour. However, it is understandable considering the city is the Capital of Japan and one of the most crowded city in the world. Although it is not considered as a big ten of the most polluted cities but with more than 13 millions people, it can be imagined why the citizens long to inhale fresh air. I believe the demand is quite high there because there are several bars in Tokyo.

How about Bogor ? With its growing population , nowadays it almost reaches one million and also the rapid growth of vehicles in the city, polution have been a threat for everybody who live in. Nevertheless, you will not find a single oxygen bar here. The only reason for that is because we still have quite many producers of fresh air. Yes, the city has been polluted more and more by smokes and fumes from vehicles and factories but Bogor still has plenty producers of oxygen. One of them is the BOGOR BOTANICAL GARDENS.

The Gardens, established in 1817 according to formal history resources contain of more than 15,000 species of plants and tress in its 82 hectares area. The species are coming from worldwide and not only Indonesian local species. Many of the species have lived in the gardens more than 100 years. there are Lychee Trees that have been occupant of the Gardens since 1823. A lot of them have a very huge and towering figure. Those trees with lots of bunches of others have formed very dense forest in several parts. This is the reason why the Botanical Gardens is also nicknamed as a forest in the city. It deserves to bear the name as its location is actually the center of Bogor side by side with the Palace. 

 Do you read "Worldwide"? Yes, you don't read it wrongly. The plants are originated from countries around the world. From the cactus , as written on The Mexican Garden representing succulents from dry continent upto water plants like in The Beauties on the pond from four season European areas can be found here. Bamboos are the guards for the old European graves , Orchids in the Orchid Garden and more than 400 species of palms from tropical countries that I haven't written about. Hey, really, it is difficult to tell the story about these in one writing. Too many for the junior writer like me to summarize all, the Gardens are too big and too many things can be something worth to tell. This is just to show the variety of plants reside in the Gardens. It can be called as a metropolitan gardens too considering the origins of the plants come from many different countries.

Then, can you imagine how much oxygen produced by the Gardens every year? If a mature tree with18 inches diameter produces +- 6000 pounds (3000 kilograms of oxygen), how much oxygen is produce by a 3 M diameter tree? You can use your calculator to know the figure. You can imagine further that in the Gardens, most of the trees are more than "mature". They should be classified as "the grandfathers or the grandmothers" in the tree families due to their ages and size. Based on many literature made by many researchers and scientists, one mature tree can supply enough oxygen for two persons for a year. The trees absorb also carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

So, now you can understand why there is no oxygen bars in Bogor. Although I don't mind if you call the Gardens as a "Natural Oxygen Bar". It is a provider of oxygen similar to what the bars offer. The differences are there won't be any servants , it is much bigger, and the Gardens offer more than just only oxygen. You can get many bonuses by visiting the gardens besides fresh air. You can be rewarded by beautiful landscapes, coolness, quietness and peacefulness upto an eternal love story like I wrote in Love in Bogor Botanical Gardens.

How about the price, well , the ticket to enter the Gardens is only Rp. 14,000 (US$ 1.2/person) and with parking charge, it is only Rp. 20,000.- (less than US$ 2). I believe it's not for the oxygen, because a freshness of air and oxygen is free here. It is just to maintain the cleanliness of the Gardens. All others are "priceless" or free for everybody to enjoy.

Well, perhaps this is one of the reasons that I am not envious or jealous to people in Tokyo. It's a big city indeed. It's also much more modern and bigger than Bogor. However I prefer to live here, in the rain city with one big producer of oxygen next to me. Unfortunately I am the lover of fresh air, so Bogor offers me a lot of this at the very cheap price.

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