Do you think I wrote many "ugly" things about Bogor ?

Hey... Honestly, tell me about what you think about my blog! Did I write many "ugly" side about Bogor?

This night, one of my friends who had read my blogs few times suggested me to write more about tourism area. He didn't say that I wrote only about the "ugly" side of Bogor but from the conversation , it seemed he preferred if the blog was consisting more about the beauty of this town.

It plunged me in a thought for a while. It took me back to the time when I decided to start creating this blog. Actually it dragged me a bit more deeper inside i.e. to the actual reason, the idea why this blog was born.

It caused me re-read almost all posts written and try to find the reason of why my friend's words. Furthermore to check some more ideas for the next coming posts. Again, to see anything possible that will not match with my target to have this blog. I have decided if there is anything that doesn't suit with the idea or the target, I will have no doubt to cancel or dispose them.

Finally guess what? There is none of the ideas or drafts to be disposed. All will be kept , finished and issued in due time. The reason is because it is just about perception and the expectation from the audience, the readers. This blog has never been intended to contain only about tourism area, beautiful landscape, the nice things. There have been already many websites and blogs that describe about how beautiful Bogor is, how worth Bogor to be visited. No, definitely it is not my idea.

Since the first time, the blog is planned to be stuffed with all kinds of topics about Bogor. It includes all.. I really mean "all" including the bad , the ugly , the beauty, the amazing places, the history.. everything! It is in contrary with the suggestion of some successful bloggers to be specific on your blog. Unfortunately I can not follow the suggestion even though the person is a very successful blogger with millions page-views (and of course with great income). However...If I write only about specific things, especially about the beautiful lanscape, waterfalls, shopping areas, it won't be about Bogor. The blog will be just another tourists information center blog. I never intend nor want this blog to be like that. It is far away from my idea. For me , it is like pretending to be another person.

The blog has a title "BOGOR , A JOURNEY TO THE RAIN CITY OF MINE". The title has been changed a bit from its original which is "BOGOR KOTAKU, A JOURNEY TO THE RAIN CITY OF MINE". I changed it because I felt it was quite strange that the "KOTAKU" (my city) was removed. However the idea is still the same. The blog title represents perfectly what I want i.e. to tell people , the reader whoever they are, in any countries, from any races about this city. I want to tell the world that there is a town or city called BOGOR. It also describes from the point of view of its own people, not tourists.

Consequently, I have to write about anything. I can not just tell people about a dreamland somewhere in Indonesia that is full with beautiful things. Bogor is not only about beauty. This city, as a mirror of its people reflects so many things from the bad to the good , from happiness to the sadness. It won't be fair to tell someone only about good stuffs. It will hallucinate the readers about a heaven on earth. No, it is not Bogor is still on earth , a small part of the earth. It is not heaven , it is not hell but it is only a city that I , and almost two millions other people live in.

So, I conclude to keep on writing the way I have been. However I would like to know your thought "DO YOU THINK I WRITE MANY UGLY THINGS"?

Good night everybody.. see you soon

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  1. Maybe you can try to suggest some solution for "ugly" things that you posted before. So therefore readers (if they could) can also apply those solutions to change Bogor from its "ugly" shape into "good" shape as you had hoped it to be.

    1. Agree .. However when the problem is coming from their hearts, then it is difficult to propose any solution. Most of the "ugly" side of Bogor is created by the ignorance of Bogorians themselves. Meantime the ignorance is related to their awareness about the everything surrounding them. My writing is trying to reach the awareness of Bogor's citizens and remind them about all that is nowadays considered as normal and is never considered as a wrong doing. The question on my head is that why telling facts is considered as telling about ugly sides. It is a fact that everybody must aware of,,