Parahyangan Agung Jagatkarta - Mount Salak , Bogor

TRY... DON'T  ... TRY ...DON'T....

It was the words turned up in my mind for few moments when I was in front of the gate of Parahyangan Agung Jagatkarta Temple on the foot of Mount Salak. I was only few feet from the reception but could not decide whether or not I had to try to ask for a permission to enter the temple.

My curiosity pushed me to at least give it a try. Reading from some blogs of people who had successfully been given a permission, I felt encouraged to make an entry and took some pictures of the temple. The photos should be very beautiful ones.

On the other hand, some other bloggers told different stories. The "Pemangku Pura" (the guy who was  responsible to manage the temple) objected the entry to many people who came not for praying nor worshiping. Yes, indeed some of them were granted their permission but many were not.

My doubt had not only been caused by the rejections but my awareness about one other thing. I was definitely certain that the temple was not built for tourism. It was made for the worshiper of Hinduism in Bogor and Indonesia. 

The temple itself is relatively young. The establishment was started in 1995 and the completion was ten years later in 2005. The location is near the village called Warung Loa (it is not Warung Loak as several other blogs wrote) , Ciapus District, Bogor Regency. The village is around 20-22 kilometers from BOGOR BOTANICAL GARDENS . The temple is quite attractive if you consider that most of Bogor people do not embrace Hindu as their religion.

There were few versions about the reasons why the temple was built here, on the Mount Salak, One of them said that it had a relation with "Prabu Siliwangi" , the King of Pakuan Pajajaran Kingdom. As mentioned in my previous writing Kujang Monument , Bogor once was the Capital of this Hindu Kingdom.  The place where the temple stand now is said to be the place where the King of Pajajaran disappeared with his troop. As a tribute for the powerful king of the Sundanese people Kingdom, the temple was built here.

Gerbang Pura JagatKarta
I don't know if it is true or not but myths and legends are something still common in Indonesia, especially on the suburb areas like the village of Warung Loa, Ciapus.  The pride to be Sundanese ethnic must also be considered as a reason why the temple is associated with the Kingdom.

Anyway, I have my own opinion about the reason. It doesn't relate to any myths or legends. If you visit Mount Salak, you will see one reason at least. The place surrounding the temple is really quiet. Combined with the cool climate of the mountain, then you will find a perfect place to think or to meditate. It's far from the noise of the city and isolated from the busy activities of the city. Yes, it is a perfect place for the temple and all people who want to come to worship the God.

Jalan di luar Pura JagatKarta
It was also one reason for my being eventually stepping down the stairs to leave the temple without entering it. My curiosity finally lost to my realization about the fact that the temple was for worshiping and praying. It was not a place for tourists doing selfie or taking pictures to memorize their travel. I must respect the temple as I respect mosques , churches and other similar places.

Yes, it's unique and something that can not be easily found in Bogor. It is different from any other structures made for all other religion believers in Bogor but it's still a "Pura", the place for Hinduism followers. They will need the place to be kept quiet in order to enable them meditate and do their rituals fervently. My appearance in the inner side of the temple would be surely causing some nuisance to the purposes.

Undakan mengarah ke gerbang Pura JagatKarta
I might lose chances to get beautiful pictures of the "Pura" (temple) but I think it's worth to do. Besides, I already got several pictures. From the gate of the "Pura" and also some young girls and boys in their ritual costumes. It was quite interesting to see. Some persons said it gave Bogor a feel of Bali, a bit. Well, they were right in this case

There was one thing that made me a bit surprising. It was about the dialect of some people near the temple. I heard such dialect when I sipped my coffee on a coffee kiosk in front of the stairways to the temple. It didn't sound like a normal Sundanese dialect , it looked like Bali dialect was interfered some people here.

Sesaji sekitar 500 M dari Pura JagatKarta
It made me become more curious to know but I decided it was enough for time being. I promised to myself to make another visit to Mount Salak next time, perhaps another visit to the temple because there were still many other things that I wanted to write for this blog. As I say, later. For now this is what I can tell about my visit to Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatkarta , Warung Loa, Ciapus Bogor.

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